Hand Up Network brings a comprehensive Immigration Program to East Texas!


Hand Up Network™ brings a comprehensive Immigration Program to East Texas!

TYLER, Texas, July 4, 2022– Hand Up Network™, an East Texas-based nonprofit, announced today that they have launched an Immigration Services Program unlike anything currently available in East Texas. The reasonably-priced Program will provide certified services to those that need to file necessary documentation with the Department of Justice and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in addition to educational classes offered through the Hand Up Network’s existing Mentoring Program.

“The United States was founded by immigrants seeking a new and better life for themselves and their families. Our Founders established a unique structure of government founded on a constitution that continues to serve us well and we want all of our immigration clients to understand this history. We will do everything we can to ensure that those who come here to work and live are equipped to do it well!” stated Sam Smith, CEO of Hand Up Network. “There are a lot of really good people that are already making our communities better, but they also wish to be good citizens and make a better life for their families!”

The Immigration Services Program integrates seamlessly within the Hand Up Network Program Matrix. An example of some of the new services being offered are educational classes in Civics, ESL, FAFSA, Citizenship, Mental Health Support, etc. The classes will be taught by Hand Up Network Staff, Volunteers, and network affiliated partners across the region.

Hand Up Network did a soft launch in June to allow time to test and refine processes and the response has been bigger than even expected. “We are very encouraged by the Hispanic community signing up to volunteer and support our work. It’s become very apparent that these services are desperately needed, and we are thrilled to help all engage to make East Texas better for all! Texans serving Texans it’s what we do!” Smith said.

About Hand Up Network™:

HAND UP NETWORK™ is a 501c3 non-profit based in Tyler, TX.  The Network offers long-term programs to people seeking a new season in life and response teams designed to address community issues and emergency response. They are not a welfare organization but come alongside people that are serious about changing their lives for the better. The harder you work towards your own success the harder Hand Up Network will work alongside you! HUN has impacted over 186,000 people throughout East Texas since it started in January of 2019.





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